Baby Bassinets

A proven track record around the globe. The Belgraver Baby Bassinet is in use with numerous leading airline operators worldwide.

The Belgraver Baby Bassinet has over 40 years of success due to top quality materials, durability, and easy and safe operation. It’s unique safety spring release ensures a safe connection to the partition wall throughout the entire flight. An infant up to 40 Lbs. can be carried. The Baby Bassinet has options for tailor made design, such as operator design fabrics, additional texts for usage instructions and company logo’s. And … the Baby Bassinet is very competitively priced.



Baby Bassinets approval

The Baby Bassinet consists of a fabric basket, an anodised aluminium foldable frame, a foam mattress covered with PC and foil and a nylon carry-on case for easy storing and handling. Your company logo can be printed on the carry-on case. Together a weight of only 8 Lbs.

The Baby Bassinet is made to fit on all standard A/C provisioning’s.

The Baby Bassinet is manufactured under Belgraver’ s Part 21 subpart G approval and is released with an EASA Form 1

Belgraver also offers spare parts from stock. A maintenance and repair program at the Belgraver facility is in place under their Part 145 approval.