Belgraver Foldable Display

Have your aircraft entrance organised invitingly. How? Use the Belgraver Foldable Display. Install the display including handouts at the entrance.

The display has a state of the art design and is easy in operation. Each shelf allows a weight of 15kg and can be customized with your logo. Its proven track record confirms its robustness and the ease in taking the display on board.


  • State of the art and durable design
  • Allowing professional presentation of products
  • Multifunctional during in-flight, display of papers, magazines, inflight sales, snacks
  • Easy to open and to fold with one hand operation
  • Easy to move, to fixate and to store inflight
  • 3 display layers allowing each 15 kg of display material
  • Small storage space required
  • Customisable with your logo
  • Proven track record


  • Lightweight anodised punched aluminium presentation layers
  • Robust aluminium frame powder coated in customized colour
  • 4 small nylon wheels, including 2 front wheels with breaks
  • Unfolded 800mm high, 330mm width, 850mm length
  • Folded 850mm high, 55mm width, 850mm length
  • Weight less than 6,5 kg
  • Repair programme and spare parts available

Foldable display approval

Also during flight it can have its function. For example displaying inflight sales, papers, magazines or snacks. The wheels allowing move-age through the plane, the brakes fixating them at your display position.

You store the display folded at a width of only 55mm and at 850x850mm height and length. Folding is achieved by only a hand operation. Only 6,5kg in weight meets Health and Safety regulations. As long as your storage allows these dimensions no further certification is needed. Display is released with CoC

Belgraver also offers spare parts from stock. A maintenance and repair program at the Belgraver facility is in place under their Part 145 approval.