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Belgraver aircraft interiors


Your certified partner

Belgraver is EASA approved

Belgraver Aircraft Interiors is certified in accordance with EASA PART 145 for maintenance & repair, PART 21 Subpart G for manufacturing and PART 21 Subpart J for design. 

As a result Belgraver aircrft interiors releases its new manufactured or maintained parts with EASA form 1.

In addition, Belgraver aircraft interiors is AS 9100 certified. 

Belgraver Middle East is GCAA approved in accordance with CAR 21 Subpart G for manufacturing, and our products are released with GCAA form 1. 

To guarantee the airworthiness of our products, we have in-house capacities such as: 

• In-house lab for vertical flammability tests (CS 25.853 (a) (1) (i) and (ii))
• Modification paperwork (e.g. Service Bulletin, IPC supplement) 


EASA Production org approval

EASA Maintenance org approval 

EASA approval certificate

UAE GCAA Production approval Middle East

UAE GCAA Design approval Middle East

AS9100 certificate

CAA UK Maintenance org approval