Belgraver Aircraft Interiors manufactures a wide variety of plastic parts for aircraft seats and aircraft interiors which can be installed in any aircraft interior or on any aircraft seat.

Our capabilities include thermoforming, injection moulding and extrusion of high-grade plastics enabling us to manufacture food trays, shrouds, fairings, panels, latches, bumpers, covers, etc.
In our factories a substantial number of our products are (semi-) finished into ‘plug and play’ assy’s.

Plastic Parts

Currently we manufacture a wide variety of part numbers, either newly designed or reverse engineered based on OEM-products.

Our competitive pricing and short lead times are of great support to keep your seats and interiors looking brand new during the life span of your aircraft.

Plastic Parts

Repair of plastic parts such as (in-arm) tables are also part of our scope of work offering considerable savings compared to new buy replacement.

All our  products are fully interchangeable with the OEM- products and can be ordered in any quantity and colour.